first winter


After wonderful autumn rains there was a chill, and “wintry mix.” This diverse weather included sleet, freezing rain, graupel, freezing fog, hail, and even a light dusting of snow one shivery morning. The chill lasted a few weeks, and then…


…it rained and rained and rained. We got over five inches in two days. The creek rose up in back of the house, surged over the landscape, and kept on rising. The picture above was taken during an early peak. One night it rose almost to the floorboards of the house. We had a few things to take care of that night, so we didn’t get many pictures.

Our plans for the property have always included moving the house up out of the flood zone. The flood of December, 2015 was just one more bit of evidence that we had made the right decision. Fortunately, the water stopped just short of causing any serious damage … this time.


All that rain woke up the drainage ditch that runs along the driveway. With so much gushing water there was an obvious opening to do some creative creek-shaping. Cutting away and digging in various places gave the water a chance to shape the bed into a dramatic, varied run complete with waterfalls, rapids, deep pools, and shallow banks. Now we have a channel worthy of the name Willow Creek.


We knew there was a spring under the big old willow tree, but it was not until after the flood that we found its exact location. It gushes up just under the edge of the branches, and streams into the lower ground under the tree. The water is cold, crystal clear, and oh-so-delicious.



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