street trees of Eugene

Corvallis update: Today was eventful, with visits from the propane guy, the hot tub guy (finally! we need a new pump) the surveyors (again! where is that flood line?) and a water quality guy (do we need a water softener? yes!) It was also the day for finally hauling the washer and dryer into the house and starting to get them connected – complications ensued, and it will be tomorrow. Sigh. Lots going on, but there was still time for a walk around the property in the morning.

The weather? Today has been nice, and big rain is forecast for the weekend. Yay!

There are two pre-queued Eugene posts remaining after this one. It’s almost time to get back into real time. There is much to share. But first, one more facet of our interesting stay in Eugene…

One of the most obvious differences between Oregon and … that other place where we used to live … is the sheer number, variety and quality of the trees. Not only are there trees and more trees everywhere, but many of them are very tall and old. There are thousands of amazing street trees in Eugene.














One thought on “street trees of Eugene

  1. Hi Nick, I see you are over in the Corvallis area, with trips made to Eugene, my friend, Suzy Star, lives there. From what I hear you may have visits from local Sasquatch/Bigfoot, as they’ve been reported in the Eugene area by the local papers. My project is headed to the Ashland area. I deeply appreciate your expertise in deep nature gardening, and would like to eventually discuss bringing your talents to help me turn the land I secure into such a biodiverse, deep nature garden, on a large scale.


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