Oregon grape

Corvallis update: We are still deep into the moving-in experience. If you have ever moved to a gorgeous, multi-acre country property with ambitious plans for evolving it into something even more beautiful you may have some appreciation for how much work it can be.

One of us now has a valid Oregon driver license. Two of the three cars now have Oregon plates. Two of us are now sleeping on a real bed. We are finally figuring out some of the kitchen routines. The compost system urgently needs to be implemented. Most of the new bank accounts are in place and functional. There is the beginning of a trail around the perimeter of the property. We still have not begun to make use of several tons of mushroom-studded horse manure left for us (at our request!) by previous owners.

…and the gosh-darn hot tub still is not working properly. We hope to get it fixed soon, when the paid hot tub angel has a slot in his busy, busy schedule.

Today it is raining in this beautiful valley. Translucent gray sheets of drops drift down across the meadow, onto the forest, into the marsh. Mushrooms are popping up under the trees. Everything is soft and wet. The stalwart kitty Stella has taken some time off from her morning rodent catching job to curl up on a warm, dry blanket. Looks like a good day for indoor activities!

Here is another post created while we were still living in the rental house in Eugene, waiting for our new home to become vacant. It was fun to explore a new city in a new climate zone, with new plants I had not seen before. Here is one of them:

Purple-blue berries coated with sky-blue bloom and striking holly-like leaves define the Oregon grape, Mahonia aquifolium.The berries are edible but tart. The bushes are quite common in Eugene.




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