our animals (so far)

Corvallis update: More than a week since we arrived for real. This morning the valley is shrouded in fog, and the silence is profound. I’ve been focusing on clearing some trails around the perimeter of the property, while Carol and Kent have been painting upstairs in the house. We are getting organized and settling in, but there is a LOT to do!

Here’s another pre-queued entry, created while we were still living in Eugene. Meet our animal companions, who (like us!) are still getting settled in at our new home:

We arrived in Oregon with the happy, floppy-eared, galumphing fuzzy golden doodle dog, Aspen and the stalwart traveling kitty with nerves of steel, Stella.




The rental house where we stayed had a chicken coop and two wonderful chickens named Pepper and Blondie. Can you guess which one is Blondie? Both were laying almost every day when we met them in summer of 2015. As the days have gotten shorter their production has declined, but that is no surprise.


It turned out that we were able to take Pepper and Blondie with us when we came home to Corvallis. We welcome these two new valuable members of our family!

Our plans include two more kitties, 4-6 more chickens (we favor Australorps) and some rabbits. Oh, and also several hundred crickets, a thousand or so meal worms, and maybe some earthworms.

The bugs and worms will make excellent food for the chickens. Maybe even the humans too…

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