being in Eugene

Corvallis update: This morning (Sunday, Oct. 4) marks the end of our second night on the property. Our PODs arrived yesterday with all of our remaining belongings. We spent much of the morning emptying one of them and stowing everything in a spare room. Today we plan to empty the other one.

Highlights so far include wild concerts by coyotes in the forest, beautiful starry night skies (between the clouds) and a (so far) non-functional hot tub. Fixing the tub is a high priority!

Now here’s the first pre-queued post about our recently ended stay in Eugene…


Before we knew where we would end up, before we had even seen any properties, we knew we would be staying in Eugene for a while. It was always part of the plan to live in a rental house while seeking and securing the new place, but it turned out the only houses where we could bring our pets were an hour south of Corvallis, in Eugene. So we stayed there, commuting to Corvallis as needed to look at properties – and later, to take care of the details of purchasing the one property that fully claimed us, by making us fall in love with it.

Most of our time in Eugene was in a quiet little neighborhood just south of 29th and east of Willamette, in a house with a giant weeping curly willow in front. (Don’t ask about the other intervals, when the house pictured above was not available because of previous reservations by other folks! No, really… don’t even ask.)

Our neighborhood featured a variety of pretty gardens, interesting back alleys, and nearby natural areas. It was fun to explore on foot and on the bicycle.

Here are some pictures from our immediate neighborhood in south Eugene, Oregon.


Above: A narrow footpath invites further exploration. We walked this one many times on the way to dog park and a sweet year-round stream called Amazon Creek.


This rampant grape vine climbs over a fence, trailing into the alley. In late August there were big clusters of delicious, seedless green grapes under those leaves.


At the base of the fence below the grape vine, wild comfrey in bloom.


A distinctive Eugene landmark is Spencer Butte, just south of the city. Here it is seen from a peaceful hillside southwest of where we stayed. There are hiking trails to the top but we did not explore them.


Apples, plums, persimmons, apricots, even figs. The street sides are loaded with edibles, hanging over the sidewalks (and sometimes rendering them treacherously slippery with crushed fruit). Here are some delicious black plums.


Lest you get the wrong idea, even here in Oregon there is a dry season. By the end of August, unwatered lawns had become brown(ish) and crispy. Yes, there is a drought here too. But before the end of September we received one storm that dropped half an inch, and more storms are on the way.


Our several months in Eugene were a welcome break from the worn-out patterns and routines of our former lives. We were not yet on our wonderful new land, but darn it, we were in Oregon! The default landscape here is forest, and the skies are often filled with amazing clouds. We took care of the business of buying a new property, we explored our Eugene neighborhood, and we waited as patiently as we could for the day when we could move in to our new home.

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